Q: What should I do after payment
Answer: Wait for us to ship and take pictures of your shoes for QC and waybills to you (we will process the pictures and deliveries within 48 hours)
PS: Add our Whatapp: +86 177 5958 1090  to get the qc of the shoes
Q: When will the shoes I purchased be shipped?
A: Usually the delivery time is 4-6 (worldwide) fast shipping Fedex/UPS /DHL
Q: How should I track my package?
A: After the package is generated and we send you the tracking number (within 72 hours), through https://www.17track.net/zh-cn
Track your packages.
Q: What does my purchase include?
A: Original box/shoe body/original shoe gift (laces, special accessories, etc.)/StockX card/keychain gift
Q: My area is a remote area, will you deliver normally?
A: Of course, we ship worldwide without any additional postage
Q: Do I need to pay taxes on my goods?
A: No, we have already paid the tax for your package.
Q: My shipment needs expedited shipping.
A: We do not support expedited packages at the moment. The speed of parcel shipment depends largely on the speed of customs inspection. This time is out of our control.
Q: Are you legal?
A: Of course, we are 100% legit ,we can provide anything to prove ours is a trustworthy merchant, support video calls before ordering, support taking pictures of any other buyer's proof of purchase
Q: How to pay?
A: Pay by PayPal/credit card/bank card/debit card, after you buy the shoes, there are detailed tutorials to teach you how to pay for the order (if you have any doubts about this, please contact us, Whatapp is online 24 hours)
Q: Is my payment at risk?
A: No, if there is any problem with your payment, you can contact us via WhatsApp, we will refund any unknown payment

Q: return policy
A: Because this is an international shipment, however, it is a very cumbersome thing to return. We can guarantee everything for you. Before we ship, I will provide you with a picture of the quality inspection of the shoes. After you confirm that there is no problem with the product Your shoes will be sent out, if you are not satisfied with the shoes, you can ask us to refund or replace other shoes before delivery

Warm reminder: Please be sure to fill in your order number when paying, so that we can process the order. It is best to contact us after payment. If we can't reach you, we will send your QC and waybill to the email you filled. In our experience, most people don't pay attention to incoming emails :(Finally, happy shopping)